Investigating Instagram Effect Towards Higher Education performance: Case Study University in Abu Dhabi

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Al Mazoun Saif, Hazmilah, H


The Internet is an apparent universal phenomenon in the world. Social networking software like Instagram in particular is one of the most popular attractions for teenagers, young adults and young people. It offers a portal for entertainment and networking and is one of the key sources of information and communication among young people. The objective of this study is to clarify Instagram's effect on the academic performance of university students and to explain the negative impact on the relation between the use and academic performance of different stakeholders. The literature was examined to get common findings and conclusions on the relation of Instagram with youth’s academic performance. The results of the study show that the perception of students of Instagram on their academic achievements, how they use Instagram for academic purposes, the impact on the perception and use of social media by various academic students, as well as academic status and gender. There were significant variations in the conduct of students with various academic roles and various academic standing in the understanding and usage of social media, which may require more study.


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