Re-enrollment intention of another education program towards Vietnamese Generation Z

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Cao Minh Tri , Le Thi Kim Khang


Higher education in Vietnam has to face many challenges, which are consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students exchange the learning methods from offline learning to online learning. Because of this situation, this study aims to determine the factors that impact students' intention to re-enroll in another education program and is the ability to moderate information and communication technologies (ICTs) through the confirmatory test. The principal methodology of research is quantitative research by analyzing the 6451 respondents, which were collected by online survey. The structural equation model is used to evaluate the hypotheses testing and the effect of moderating and mediating factors. The research findings present the influence of student loyalty on the intention to re-enroll in another education program. Besides the moderating of ICTs and mediating student satisfaction and student loyalty are identified by the study results. Based on the findings, the research suggests the scientific and practical implications to enhance the intention to re-enroll in another program in a similar university. The study explores the new significant information which supports future research. The moderating of ICTs on the relationship between intention to enroll in another education program and student loyalty is not mentioned in previous literature reviews.

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