Procurement of materials: A resource to optimize costs in Peruvian small and medium-sized companies

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Luis Ricardo Flores-Vilcapoma, Yuri Sánchez-Solis, Pedro Bernabe Venegas Rodríguez (Corresponding Author), Margoth Celia Alikhan-Calizaya, Percy Ramírez-Medrano, Danny David Andia-Conislla, Jaime Herminio Claros Castellares


The main objective of this study is to design and outline a supply map to improve the logistics system in a systematic way, especially the supply management of a private company, so that management becomes important. Previously, a literature search was conducted allowing to know the latest advances achieved in this topic, and serve as a basis to know the most important aspects of procurement management and thus capture the most important concepts to develop a visual scheme of the management to be performed by any company that wants to optimize the production costs of the logistics area. As a result of the research, based on the analysis, the researchers' criteria and the literature review, a map was drawn to allow identify the most important aspects of procurement, which are purchasing, storage and inventory management. Finally, the research concludes that the logistics of a company is one of the most important aspects to consider and this must be oriented to sustainability and social responsibility, as key aspects valued by consumers today.

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