Strategies that Strengthen Learning in Higher Education Students

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Gustavo Adolfo Rubio-Rodríguez, Nury Isabel Bastidas Roa, Gerardo Pedraza Veja


Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this research is to characterize the strategies that develop autonomous learning and metacognitive processes in first-semester students of a higher education institution in Colombia.

Methodology: The study has a quantitative approach and presents a descriptive method; uses the questionnaire as a tool for collecting information, which was administered to 58 students and 6 professors from the institution under study.

Main Findings: It can be determined that students still do not have the development of all the strategies that enable autonomous learning, which does not allow them to evolve towards metacognition, since they do not develop activities beyond the classrooms.

Applications: To strengthen autonomous learning, metacognitive processes and strategies that are implemented in the classroom, it is proposed that students go to the different technological tools available at the university in order to optimize their knowledge, because this type tools used by students at home are limited.

Novelty/Originality: Theoretically, there is evidence of the presence of different empirical sources that support the development and results of the study; In addition, these sources are presented in a structured way under the most relevant aspects derived from the subject under investigation.

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