Performance of the Scientific Production of the Ibero-American Higher Education Institutions Applying for Patents

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Felipe Guevara-Pezoa, Patricia María Zelaya Ycaza, Lidia Victoria Segura Peña, Ana María Flores Núñez, Ilda Nadia Pari-Bedoya, Alfonso Renato Vargas-Murillo


Besides scientific research, higher education institutions (HEI) actively participate in the innovation process, contributing with projects of technological application and generation of related capacities. In Ibero-America, considering the economic and social context of the region, it is of interest to know the scientific performance of the educational institutions applying for patents. Data from the period 2017 to 2019 are analyzed on patent applications and figures on publication of articles by country and applicant institution. Clusters were designed to characterize scientific performance supported by scientometric indicators published in the SIRiber 2020 Report. It is observed that the HEIs with the highest scientific productivity and patent applications present high scientific performances, especially with respect to the levels of normalized impact (Ni) and High-Quality Publications (Q1). Additionally, they present an important international contribution in the authorship of the publications.

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