Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence to Strengthen the Attention to Ophidian Accidents in Valle Del Cauca

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Carolina López Gaitán , Nathali Portilla Agudelo , Steven Becerra Balcázar , Andrés Felipe Ortiz Manbuscay


Snakebite poisoning is considered one of the most neglected tropical diseases globally [1]. In Colombia, more than 4,978 snakebite accidents are registered annually [2]. In this regard, governments have invested few resources in the prevention, care and promotion of ophidian accidents, thus limiting access to quality information related to strategic decision making. In this sense, the need arose for a surveillance and competitive intelligence study to identify short-, medium- and long-term strategies and determine strategic, economic, scientific-technological and commercial opportunities to increase knowledge to improve the care of ophidian accidents in Valle del Cauca.

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