Proposal of Value Chain for the Aeronautical Sector of Valle Del Cauca

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Nathali Portilla Agudelo, Steven Becerra Balcázar, Carolina López Gaitán, Giovanny Upegui Duarte, Andrés Felipe Ortiz Manbuscay, Jaime Alberto Vásquez Bernal ; Lorena Andrea Valencia Gil


The purpose of this research is to develop a value chain for the aeronautical sector of Valle del Cauca with a roadmap that facilitates the articulation and competitiveness of the strategic actors of the sector. This effort was carried out within the framework of the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund of the General System of Royalties project "Research and development in the aeronautical sector of Valle del Cauca", with the conviction that the department can strategically take advantage of its trajectory in the manufacture and export of ultralight aircraft, and its capabilities in the manufacture of components, systems and inputs for the aeronautical industry in articulation with a representative group of air transport companies and higher education institutions and research centers with high standards of quality and positioning. The methodology is based on the method of surveillance and strategic intelligence for the analysis of secondary information and on the methods of interviews, Delphi type consultations, DOFA, workshops and brainstorming for the collection of primary information, which is articulated with the expertise and creativity of the project team for the development of the proposal.

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