Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Training Courses In-Service From The Trainees' Point Of View

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Dr. Saad Alwan Hassan, Asst prof Mansur Jasim Muhammed, Asst lecturer. Ayad Aboud Majeed


This research aims to explore the effectiveness of in-service training courses from the trainees' point of view.  To achieve the goal of the research, the researchers prepared a tool to measure the effectiveness of in-service training courses for secondary and primary school teachers for the 2019 academic year. These courses are held by the Preparation and Training Department in the General Directorate of Education in Kirkuk Governorate from the trainees' own point of view. The search tool consisted of a questionnaire, both open and closed, that was applied to a simple random sample of 60 male and female trainees, from teachers in secondary and primary schools, for both sexes, which represented 1% of the size of the original homogeneous community. The research reached several results, most notably:

1-         Assigning lectures to higher degree holders who are specialized in educational and psychological sciences.

2-         Adopting methods of learning and cooperative education (workshops) during the presentation of training course programs, away from the traditional method of giving lectures.

3-         Enriching training course programs with e-learning and blended learning methods, in order to enhance the development of the educational system in our country and its keeping pace with the educational systems in developed countries.

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