Development of Multimedia Cartoons based on Factors that Users, Expected

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Chawanrat Srinounpan, Walaiporn Sornkliang, Rattayagon Thaiphan, Jeerawat Naksuwan, Auyporn Chukeaw, Kritaphat Songsri-in, Munlika Rattaphun, Jureerat Chaykeeree


The objectives of this study were 1) to study the expectation factors of multimedia cartoon users 2) to develop a multimedia cartoon titled "The journey of garbage" in accordance with the expectation factors, and 3) to assess satisfaction of developed multimedia cartoon users titled "The journey of garbage". There were 2 sample groups divided upon research method steps; 1) step of searching expectation factors, consisting of 252 teachers and primary school students and 2) step of assessment the satisfaction of developed media users; the sample group was consisting of 3 teachers and 60 students of grade 4-6 at Ban Khlong Din School, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province by using purposive sampling. This study has developed multimedia cartoons that met the users' expectations and were instructional media that helped students understand the proper waste separation methods. Media development was 3 steps, namely pre-production, production, and post-production. The statistics used in the study were percentage, mean, standard deviation, and confirmatory factor analysis.
The finding of this research revealed that the expectation factors of multimedia cartoon users were 21 factors that can be grouped into 3 aspects: content, display, and technical, each factor had factor loading greater than 0.40 in all factors. The satisfaction assessment of teachers and students towards developed media was at an excellent level.

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