Guidelines Promoting Gender Equality Policies For Aviation Business In Thailand

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Umpirawon Poshyanondas


The purpose of this paper is to present the guidelines promoting gender equality policies for aviation business in Thailand.  The paper applies the mixed-method research into the conduct, which consists of: 1) Quantitative Research  reflected in the survey on the attitude of the Best Practice airline by means of Likert scale questionnaire; 2) Qualitative Research with the in-depth interview of Best Practice airline by means of open-ended questions, and 3) Studies of the obtained information for conclusion, review and proposal of the guidelines promoting gender equality policies for aviation business as well as recommendation based on the concept of ethics. Organization within aviation business is also one professional sector that could answer the question on whether men and women should be treated equally in their profession. Organization within aviation business places a great importance on valuing every gender equally. Furthermore, the policy on gender equality is one of the organization's key policies. It is not just a written statement; but is indeed so deep-rooted that it becomes a strong culture that serves as the main tool in promoting the practice realistically, which is well perceived by employees. Moreover, this is the key to creating happiness in the workplace as indicated in the concept of utilitarianism. As a result, every staff member receives equal rights and opportunities and feels content at work. Plus, this boosts their motivation at work and encourages them to efficiently exercise their professional potential, which will definitely play a key role in the organization's development in keeping up with current changes.


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