Well-being and impact of educational actors in times of Pandemic

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Willian Rodrigo Avendaño-Castro, César Augusto Hernández-Suárez, Raúl Prada-Nuñez


The research was carried out under the method of content analysis having the scientific production as units of analysis around the variable well-being and impact of educational actors in times of pandemic in Latin America. The objective of the study was to recognize the main divergent and convergent characteristics of the units of analysis located in the Scopus database in the period 2020-2021 in Latin American countrie. 94 units of analysis were explored, systematized and interpreted. The data were organized, coded and categorized to be presented using descriptive and correlational statistical procedures. Once these characteristics were described, the position of different authors on the proposed topic was referred to by means of a qualitative analysis. Among the main findings is that Brazil is the Latin American country with the greatest academic work on the subject and that the area of knowledge with greatest contribution is the social sciences in the form of the scientific papers.

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