Design Of Algorithms For Developing Computational Thinking In Elementary And Middle School Students.

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Cesar Augusto Hernández-Suárez, Audin Aloiso Gamboa-Suárez, William Rodrigo Avendaño-Castro


The research is oriented towards the development of Computational Thinking through the design of algorithms in technology with Scratch, with students of basic secondary education. The objective of the study was to develop computational thinking through the design and implementation of algorithms to solve problems. The study was framed in the qualitative paradigm through the action research method, oriented to transform the current pedagogical practices regarding the solution of problems that students have to solve with technology. The study context was composed of sixth grade students with intentional sampling. The technique and instrument were observation and a Likert scale questionnaire. The results show that students perform some daily tasks whose sequences allow them to be initiated in the basic structures of sequential programming, which enhances processes towards problem solving. It is concluded that problem-solving skills can be fostered with strategies that use technological tools such as Scratch, since students are motivated by the use of ICT.


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