Interrelationship Of University Students With Digital Technologies In Times Of Crisis

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Raúl Prada-Núñez, Cesar Augusto Hernández-Suarez, William Rodrigo Avendaño-Castro


The objective of this study was to describe the interactions in distance learning during the Covid-19 confinement, between students and teacher, students-students and between students and content. The research was methodologically descriptive with a field design using quantitative methods. The sample consisted of 100 students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Early Childhood Education at the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander. A questionnaire with 34 questions with several response options was used.  The results determined that the homework assignment was the most used by the students, which required constant interaction with the content. It was concluded that interactions in ICT-mediated education forced during confinement by Covid-19, require various forms of interactions for students to incorporate elements of teaching support between distance learners, the content, their peers and their teachers with a system of appropriate tools that provide formative and summative evaluation, with synchronous and asynchronous methods.

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