Conceptions About Virtual And Face-To-Face Modalities In University Students

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Cesar Augusto Hernández-Suarez, Audin Aloiso Gamboa-Suárez, Raúl Prada-Núñez


This article shows the findings of a study that sought to describe the perceptions of students of a public university on the transition from face-to-face teaching to remote teaching mediated by digital technologies. The methodological horizon was oriented from the quantitative-descriptive paradigm with field design, the sample consisted of 503 students of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Humanities of a university in northern Santander. A questionnaire with 29 questions with several response options was used. The results determined that 84.7% of the lectures were transferred to lectures in real time; 53.7% of the students said they had watched recorded lessons. It was concluded that the transition in the educational emergency was under the concept of ICT-mediated modality to be teachable contents and to transmit information by the separation between teachers and students, but not by the knowledge, values, philosophies and pedagogical strategies that the teacher has on ICT-mediated education.

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