Teachers’ Learning Management and Its Effect on Grade 8 Filipino Students’ Performance in Mathematics in a Post Covid-19 Pandemic Context

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Mary Grace G. Inot , Sarah Mae J. Ponpon , Marilou G. Martinez , Ireneo M. Taperla , Veronica Calasang , Emerson D. Peteros , Reylan G. Capuno


This study explored the connection between the learning management strategies utilized by teachers and their impact on the academic performance of Grade 8 Filipino students in Mathematics. The research focused on public high schools within the North district of the Department of Education in Cebu City Division during the 2022-2023 school year. Utilizing a descriptive-correlational design, the study involved 158 students from the research sites. Data were analyzed using T-test and Pearson r. The findings revealed that both schools exhibited a moderate level of observed learning management, with a moderate impact on students. The average grades of the respondents were satisfactory. However, the effectiveness of learning management strategies did not predict academic performance. Furthermore, statistical analysis indicated a significant difference between the evaluations made by the two groups regarding the effects of learning management on students. The results suggest that while learning management strategies are important, they are not definitive predictors of Grade 8 students' academic performance in the post-COVID-19 context. Consequently, this study recommends a further investigation on confounding variables that may impede the successful implementation of comprehensive learning management plans to enhance academic outcomes.

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