An Overview Influence of Nursing in Compliance to Infection Control

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Majed Saleh Jaza Al-Otaibi, Saud Abdulaziz R Alotaibi, Abdulrahman Hizab jaber Alsulami, Samil matar Alotaibi, Saeed Mater Assaf Al-Otaibi, Nasser Duraymih Odis Al Otaibi, Ahmad Shbib H Alotibi, Fawaz Atallah Muhji AL Otaibi


This review was conducted through searching the literature via electronic databases; Medline, Embase, and PubMed, for all relevant studies that were published up to the middle of 2021. With susceptible residents sharing sources of air, food, water, and health care within an institutional setting, the nursing home environment is highly conducive to infection acquisition and spread. An educational program should be implemented to help improve nursing knowledge and attitudes toward infection prevention.

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