The Role of Nursing in Health Education for Patients in Health Facilities

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Rayan.M.Alsulami, Othman.S.Alharbi, Aisha.S.Shingary, Hamdan.K.Alqurashi, Saad.E.Alhazmi, Abdullah.M.Alwuthaynany, Thamer.A.Khayyat, Faisal.M.Allehaybi, Khaleel.S.Althagafi, Abdulrahman.H.Saleem, Malak.O.Alotaibi, Majed.M.Alsalmi


The goal of the current study is to know the role of the nurse in health education for patients in health facilities, to know the type of health information that the nurse provides to patients, and the importance of health education for the prevention of various diseases. The questionnaire was created electronically via the Google Drive program, and then distributed via mobile phone on the social media program (the targets are residents of the city of Mecca, aged 25-55 years. The social network WhatsApp was used, and the researcher received via e-mail, to receive the participants’ responses to the questionnaire, where 600 questionnaires were distributed using WhatsApp, and 580 questionnaires were received via e-mail.

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