The Impact of Applying Quality Standards in Organizing the Workflow in Health Facilities

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Nawaf.M.Alharbi, Amin.O.Alhindi, Assad.S.Almokhilidi, Majdi.S.Almuanni, Mohammed.S.Almokhilidi, Abeer.S.Alkhammash, Asim.S.Almuanni, Meshal.G.Alharthi, Abdulaziz.M.Alsufyani , Amal.Y.Alzahrani, Mohammed.S.Alghamdi, Abdulaziz.A.Alsubhi


The aim of this current study is to know the extent of the importance of quality and its impact on organizing the work flow in the health facility, and the extent of current progress in the health services provided to visitors in the health facilities, where the questionnaire was conducted via the Google Drive program, and was then distributed via the social media network. On the people, due to the difficulty of communicating in person with the targeted people (residents of the city of Mecca) between the ages of 25-55 years, men and women. This was the best way to obtain and analyze data, as 600 questionnaires were distributed and only 550 questionnaires were obtained.

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