Review on effect of cryogenic treatment on different process parameters in EDM

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Dua Tran Van , Renu. K. Shastri , Prashant Jadhav , Shailesh Shirguppikar , Trinh Pham Van , Ly Nguyen Trong , Tai Bui Tien , Phan Nguyen Huu


Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) stands out as a highly esteemed non-conventional machining technique renowned for its proficiency in cutting hard materials and temperature-resistant alloys, which pose challenges for conventional machining methods. A primary obstacle in EDM lies in the elevated tool wear rate and diminished material removal rate caused by the continuous electric sparks generated between the tool and the workpiece. To address this challenge, cryogenic treatment is administered to the tools prior to machining. This treatment enhances the machining performance of the process, as evidenced by metrics such as material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR), and surface roughness (SR). Cryogenically treated materials exhibit prolonged part life, improved fatigue resistance (resulting in fewer failures due to cracking), enhanced thermal properties (including increased thermal conductivity), improved electrical properties (such as reduced electrical resistance and increased electrical conductivity), decreased coefficient of friction, and enhanced ease of machining.

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