Teachers’ Perception of Information and Communication Technology Integration in Teaching Primary Learners

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Kristine Ann F. Villariaza , Rodia B. Aleser , Gengen G. Padillo , Ramil P. Manguilimotan , Reylan G. Capuno


This researched assessed the early childhood education teachers’ perception of the integration of ICT in teaching the learners at Mactan Elementary School and Soong Elementary School of Lapu-Lapu City Division. It employed a descriptive correlational research design utilizing an adapted instrument. A total of 100 teacher participants answered the survey questionnaire. Results showed that the respondents preferred personal Wi-Fi over mobile data and utilized laptops over desktops and smartphones. Moreover, the participants perceived the benefits of ICT in early childhood education as highly beneficial, and the extent of support in using ICT in the teaching process was very high. The test of a significant relationship between the extent of the respondents’ utilization of ICT in the teaching process and the perceived benefits and support was found significant. It is concluded that the extent of integration of ICT in teaching learners was very beneficial in teaching early childhood education. The adoption of the action plans per school is hereby recommended.

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