Curriculum Design And Delivery In Higher Institutions In The Post-Covid-19

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Eyitayo Francis Adanlawo , Mpho Chaka


The post-COVID-19 era offers an opportunity to reevaluate educational goals, making the curriculum relevant, appropriate, and responsive to the development of preparation in times of emergencies. The rising question is: how should curriculum be designed and delivered in post-COVID in preparation for uncertainty? Using content analysis through the lens of curriculum studies, this research tried to reimagine higher education in the post-COVID-19 period. The study argues on the premise of cognitive load theory that to improve learning efficiency, teaching and learning curricula should be created using cognitive load theory to lessen the demands placed on students' working memory. Also, the new standard curriculum must place a strong emphasis on the development of students' readiness competencies. It is concluded that instructional methods that primarily use online modalities should be taken into account in the context of many circumstances.

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