The Use Of Technology In Higher Education. Pedagogical Orientations Within Education

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Álvarez- Ferrándiz, Daniel , Martínez-Sánchez, Isabel , Rodríguez-Sabiote, Clemente , Álvarez-Rodríguez, José


At the time of embarking on this examination of information and communication technologies in the higher education setting, a historical, pedagogical, psychological, sociological and educational approach was proposed. This served to join together a group of theories and ideas which enable the identification of both external and internal causes. This assists in understanding the increasingly rapid expansion of this prominent global phenomenon.  The first aim considered in the present study was to determine, via an initial diagnostic study, the use and frequency of use of technology in higher education. The second aim was linked with pedagogical orientations within education. The methodological design employed pertained to a descriptive study. More specifically, the study administered a questionnaire made up of Likert scales to a representative sample of university students enrolled on different courses. The population comprised students from the Education Sciences faculty at the University of Granada. The sample was formed by 350 students who responded to the questionnaire. Outcomes from the completed instruments reveal that a high proportion of young people spend a large proportion of their time using the internet, games consoles and mobile phones. Finally, it was indicated that it is necessary for a set of recommendations and pedagogical orientations to be compiled, designed and implemented to enable the correct management of technological resources.

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