Bibliometric Analysis Of Writings On The Use Of Technology İn Language Teaching

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Fetullah Uyumaz (Coresponding Author) , Ahmet Karadoğan , Abdulkadir Kırbaş


The aim of this study is to look at the studies on the use of technology in language teaching from a bibliometric perspective. In this study, we analysed a total of 24 articles obtained from the Web of Science database. In these 24 articles, we determined the distribution of articles on the use of technology in language teaching according to years, the average number of pages and citations, the most cited articles, the distribution of authors according to countries, the most used keywords and the most cited authors. We used bibliometric analysis in the study. We used document analysis method in data collection and data analysis. We presented the findings we obtained in the study through figures and tables. In the results section of this study, we evaluated the data of the 6 questions sought to be answered within the scope of the study. The findings of the study generally show the following. The number of studies on language teaching is low. The reason for this is that the study was limited to "the use of technology in language teaching". In addition, the fact that only the studies in Web of Science were taken is also an important factor. Another factor is that we limited the study to articles only. This is because articles are more accessible than books and other sources. 

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