Systematic Review On Bullying Situations And Intervention Programs In Early Childhood Education

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Agudo-Villarejo, C. M., Sanabrias-Moreno, D., Sánchez-Zafra, M., Cachón-Zagalaz, J.


Background: Bullying is a traumatic event that is observed from the early stages of the educational system. Ensuring an adequate socioemotional development through the implementation of activities or intervention programs based on the work of Emotional Intelligence in the Early Childhood Education stage where empathy, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, social skills, values... are worked on, with the aim of preventing/eradicating situations of violence in educational environments, is essential to put an end to this problem.

Goal: To find out whether there is evidence of bullying at the early childhood education (ECE) stage and to investigate whether bullying prevention work is carried out at this educational stage.

Method: A systematic review, following the PRISMA 2020 Declaration, was carried out in the Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus (SJR) databases from January to March 2023. The search terms used were: "Children", "Health Education" and "Bullying". Only articles in Spanish and English published from 2013 to 2023 were selected, in which bullying in the ECE stage is analyzed. The last filter applied was related with research areas of Psychology and Education. The sample is composed of a total of 4 articles, most of them published abroad.

Findings: According to the studies reviewed, there is little concern about bullying at the ECE stage, and there is little concern about the implementation of prevention programs for this problem

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