Innovative Approaches To Nursing Administration Education; A Systematic Review Based Study

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Samia Musaad Almutairi , Asim Mousa Mongary , Hameeda Matooq Aljanabi , Aysha Mohammed Alsoqae , Fatimah Abdulkhliq Albesher , Rawan Saad Alotaibi , Madhawi Ruwaybih Alreshidi , Wafa Ibrahim Khudhayri , Hamamah Ibrahim Khudhayri , Hussam Yahia T Hakami


Background: Nursing administration education plays a crucial role in the development of skilled leaders in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. To meet the current challenges in healthcare, it is crucial to employ innovative pedagogical approaches. These approaches include the integration of virtual reality simulations, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, utilizing real-world case studies, implementing telehealth platforms, and establishing mentorship programs. Addressing this need for forward-thinking nursing administrators is imperative.

Aim: This study comprehensively examines the impact of these innovative strategies on nursing administration education. It assesses how their integration enhances decision-making, communication, strategic thinking, technological proficiency, and leadership skills among students. The goal is to illuminate the potential of these approaches in molding skilled healthcare leaders.

Method: A mixed-methods approach is utilized. Qualitative interviews with nursing administration students exposed to innovative approaches provide insights. Thematic analysis is employed to extract meaningful patterns, capturing both subjective experiences and skill development outcomes.

Results: Findings highlight the transformative potential of innovative approaches in nursing administration education. Virtual reality simulations enhance decision-making, interdisciplinary collaboration fosters effective communication and teamwork, real-world case studies cultivate strategic thinking, telehealth platforms enhance remote service proficiency, and mentorship programs empower leadership competencies.

Conclusion: This study underscores the pivotal role of innovation in shaping adept nursing administrators. Integration of innovative approaches equips healthcare leaders with holistic perspectives, adaptable skills, and technological readiness. As healthcare systems evolve, these approaches offer promise for addressing challenges effectively.

Innovative Contribution: By delving into cutting-edge nursing administration education, this study offers insights that reshape healthcare leadership. It bridges theory and practice, equipping future administrators to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape.

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