Past And Present For The Future Of Research On Transcendence In Education And Values

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Dr. Rafael López Cordero , Dr. Álvaro Manuel Úbeda Sánchez , Dr. Andrés Palma Valenzuela , David Azancot Chocrón


As the world becomes more diverse, discussions surrounding religion and spiritual beliefs and their roles in educational systems have acquired significant relevance. There is an ongoing debate on whether the study of religion in education can serve as a means of transmitting common values within society and bridging different perspectives on reality. This topic stands to benefit from scientific analysis, particularly in exploring the relationship between religion, education, and values, and their impact on various aspects of well-being, including mental and physical health.

Furthermore, it is essential to recognize the social and interpersonal dimensions of religion and spirituality. Moreover, identity, diversity, and culture play significant roles in this area of research. Therefore, future studies should aim for a comprehensive understanding of how religion and spiritual beliefs affect both individuals and society as a whole. This understanding is crucial to establish inclusive educational environments that promote a sense of belonging and foster respect for diverse beliefs and practices.

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