Mapping The Research Evolution Of Immigrant Minors Legislation And Its Relationship To Physical Education And Mental Health (In The Period 2001-2022)

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D. Jesús Manuel Cuevas Olmos , Dra. Virginia Tejada Medina , D. Javier Ventaja Cruz , Dr. Jesús Manuel Cuevas Rincón


Background: Migration is one of the major challenges Europe is facing, primarily due to the proliferation of the massive arrival of unaccompanied minors. This difficulty also affects the rest of the world and is considered one of the most prominent social issues of this new era (2) Methods: Hence, we conducted a bibliometric study of research published on immigrant minors in the period 2001-2022 to gain insights into and analyze the scientific perspectives on this topic. (3) Findings and (4) Conclusions: Our conclusion reveals that the United States and Spain are the countries with the highest production of research in this field, mainly because they have the largest number of immigrant minors in their countries, predominantly from Mexico and Morocco, respectively.

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