Bibliometric Analysis Of The Evolution Of Educational Quality During A 10-Year Research Period (2012–2022)

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D.María Castán-García , Dr. Mónica Luque Suárez , D. Raquel Portillo Sánchez , Dr. María del Carmen Olmos Gómez


This study consists of a quantitative bibliometric methodology, that was carried out to determine from what perspective the concept of educational quality is being approached in the scientific community using the following keywords: performance, indicators, curriculum, management team, and teaching. The evolution of scientific research on educational quality in the Social Sciences and Education has been studied in the last 10 years. To investigate the existing literature on this topic, the Web of Science database was used and the results obtained from the scientific literature were based on concepts such as quality assurance and improvement, evaluation, professional development, higher education, and learning outcomes, among others. This study revolves around four components: education, curriculum, educational quality, and health education.

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