Technology-Supported Instruction In General Mathematics: Its Intuitive Implications Among Marginalized Filipino Students Amidst The Post-Pandemic Period

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Jolli Ann Pelayo-Dacanay , Lilibeth C. Pinili , Jonathan O. Etcuban , Gengen G. Padillo , Ramil P. Manguilimotan , Reylan G. Capuno


In the wake of the post-pandemic landscape, this study delves into the nuanced terrain of technology-supported instruction in the realm of general mathematics, specifically discerning its intuitive ramifications within the context of marginalized Filipino students. Employing a judicious mixed-method research paradigm, this inquiry embarks on an exploration of the multifaceted impact rendered by technology on diverse facets including academic attainment, cognitive engagement, and pedagogical agency. Encompassing a synergistic amalgamation of quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews, the study unveils a holistic narrative that underscores technology's transformative potential to bridge educational disparities, amplify cognitive discourse, and cultivate pedagogical convergence. Consequently, the findings engender a cogent compass, offering discerning insights to inform the praxis of educators, policymakers, and stakeholders aspiring to orchestrate a dynamically inclusive and technologically enriched scholastic milieu for marginalized Filipino learners.

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