The Contribution Of Self-Determination, Social Anxiety, And Agreeableness To Assertiveness In College Students

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Aski Marissa , Farouk Ibnu Ishaaq , Anissa Putri , Siti S. Nurhalizah


Individuals are social beings who must have the ability to socialize. One of the tasks of students as individuals and social beings is to be able to express opinions, be able to be more open in discussions but put ethics first. However, most students today are not carrying out their duties properly, one of which is their lack of assertive abilities. The purpose of this study was to empirically test self-determination, social anxiety, and agreeableness towards assertiveness in students Respondents to this study were 1,130 people 236 men and 894 women. The research technique is qualitative, and the analysis used is Multiple Regression. The results of the analysis show that self-determination, social anxiety, and agreeableness have an effect of 35.9% on assertiveness, while the remaining 64.1% is influenced by other variables not included in this study, such as self-concept, emotional regulation, and self-confidence.

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