The Influence Of Ethical Leadership On Employee Behavior: A Systematic Review

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Aysha Mohammed Alsoqae , Ghazwa Marzouq Almutairi , Zafar Ahmad (Corresponding Author) , Entesar Hammad Almutairi , Hameeda Matooq Aljanabi , Ghala Haylan bin Libdah , Latifah Abdulaziz Alqahtani , Juhayyir Abdullah Almutairi


Background: The research was carried out to understand the influence of ethical leadership practices which affect employee behavior in the workplace that ultimately leads to employee performance and organizational productivity. Aim: The purpose of the systematic review is to carefully analyze the existing literature on ethical leadership that directly influence employee behavior. Method: A systematic search of databases including PubMed and google scholar was conducted to identify relevant studies published between 2015-2023. The inclusion criteria for this study consisted of selecting articles written in English that specially examined ethical leadership and employee behavior in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the chosen articles had to use well-established scales for measurement and provide valuable data on ethical leadership which affect employee behavior in the workplace. After initial screening and quality assessment, ten studies were included in the synthesis. Results: It revealed a consistent pattern of ethical leadership practices which are affecting employee behavior. Job Performance, Job satisfaction, and Burnout which are the key factors in the workplace are found to be dependent and influenced by ethical leadership. Ethical leadership practices were identified as crucial factors in mitigating and fostering a positive and productive work environment and efficient workforce. Conclusion: The review underscores the importance of promoting ethical leadership to develop and promote employee performance in hospital settings. The research concluded that ethical leadership in the workplace plays a vital role to overcome workplace issues.

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