Moderated Mediation Roles of Happiness and Family Type on Self-Acceptance and Relationship Satisfaction

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Abimbola A. Akanni , Oyeyemi B. Babalola , Choja A. Oduaran


Self-acceptance has been established to enhance romantic relationship experiences among college students. However, the mechanism for the stablished link is missing. Therefore, this study examined the link between self-acceptance and relationship satisfaction as well as the mediating role of happiness in the association between self-acceptance and relationship satisfaction among college students. It also investigated the moderated mediated role of family type in the relationship. Participants consisted of 275 (Female = 42.9%; Mean age = 21.11, SD = 1.64) who responded to the Relationship Satisfaction Scale, Self-Acceptance and Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. Data were analysed with the Pearson Product Moment Corellation and Hayes PROCESS Macro statistical tools. A positive association was found beween  self-acceptance, happiness and  relationship satisfaction. Further, happiness had a mediating effect on the association between self-acceptance and relationship satifaction among university undergraduate students. Results of the moderated mediation analysis showed that the indirect effect of happiness in the self-acceptance – relationship staifaction link was greater among those with monogamous family type than those with polygamous family type. Early exposure of children to social and recreational activities by parents and relevant stakeholders could enhance their self-acceptance, happiness and consequently better realationship experiences.

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