How are psychological capital and emotion regulation associated with schoolteachers’ burnout? A systematic review

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Gunchanon Khawda, Chaichana Nimnuan


Teachers are one of the professions that suffer from burnout, which has negative effects not only on teachers but also on their students. This systematic review aimed to examine the relationships between psychological capital, emotion regulation, and burnout among schoolteachers. The review was based on electronic databases including SCOPUS, PubMed, and ERIC and included 10 original articles that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The findings showed that higher levels of psychological capital and emotion regulation were negatively associated with burnout and its dimensions. Additionally, cognitive reappraisal was found to have a negative effect on burnout, while expressive suppression was positively associated with burnout. This systematic review could be useful in developing interventions and guidelines to improve psychological capital and emotion regulation, and prevent burnout in schoolteachers, leading to better well-being.

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