Advantages of the Vietnam Criminal Procedure Model in Criminal Case Settlement and Deficiencies that Must Be Improved in the Context of International Juridical Harmony

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Mac Giang Chau , Nguyen Thi Bao Anh


Completing the Vietnamese criminal procedure model in the direction of improvement and better protection of human rights is an essential requirement for Vietnamese criminal procedure law, particularly because countries are growing closer together, and Vietnam and other nations must deal with harmonising international criminal justice law. This article aims to analyze the advantages of the Vietnamese criminal procedure model, its deficiencies, and recommendations for improving the model in combining interrogation and litigation procedures to achieve conformity with international law. As a methodology, the author utilized data collection from documentation, law analysis writing, and comparative method to complete this article. This article demonstrates that the Vietnamese criminal procedural law reform will effectively safeguard human rights during procedures, particularly the accused’s right to a fair trial. To reach a more comprehensive procedural model in the current context of Vietnam, the article proposes reasonable solutions to improve Vietnamese criminal procedure law to ensure that the good values of the interrogation procedure model are preserved while incorporating the achievements of the litigation procedure model.

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