Methodological foundations in modern stylistic studies Stylistics and Style book by Abd al-Salam al- Masdi as a model

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Dr. Hamid Issa Karif Baxodirovna


This research deals with the book (Stylistics and Style) by Dr. Abd al-Salam al- Masadi , in which he dealt with stylistic issues and the problems faced by stylistics as a modern science that is drawn within intellectual currents and ancient and modern theoretical trends. In which the author wrote his book, it was an abstract and elicit language, and perhaps specialized in some cases, due to deeply the novelty of the topic, its problematic and its overlap in adjacent topics that also complain about the interference and confusion as it stems from one philosophical roots, so the research is a threshold to probe the depths of this book, Shedding light on the methodology adopted by the author in dealing with his issues, and standing on the most important critical opinions contained in the book.

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