Prospecting Risk factors for Anxiety and Depression among University Students : A Delhi based Cross-Sectional Study

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Dr. Rita Jain, Ms. Deboshree Das, Mr. Siddharth Sharma, Ms. Swastika Mohapatra, Ms. Raajvi Khurana Baxodirovna


Recent studies on trends in depression and anxiety have led to raised concern regarding overall health status of college students during this crucial period of transition into adulthood which can potentially adversely affect their social and academic development. The present study aims to examine the association of various socio-demographic factors along with different forms of social and physical activities with prevalence of depression and anxiety among college students. The prevalence of depression and anxiety was found to be 33.3% and 32.4% respectively among the study participants. It was found that depression was lower among those who shared a close bond with their parents and siblings. Girls were found to be at significantly higher risk of depression (1.86; 95% C.I. (1.16-2.97)) compared to boys.  Students involved in active yoga showed lower depressive and anxiety disorders. The study identified being overweight and obese, along with an increasing consumption of social media (which promoted fad diets, comparisons etc.), as some of the major risk factors for mental disorders.

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