La evaluación formativa y su carácter humanista en la Educación Básica de la sociedad actual Formative assessment and its humanistic character in Basic Education today society

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Rolando Oscco Solorzano, Felipe Aguirre Chávez, Freddy Alejandro Soto Zedano, Delio Merma Saico, Jaime Félix Sánchez Glorio Baxodirovna


The study aimed to show the essence of formative education adapted to the new educational paradigms at all levels of education and that responds to the needs of conceptual changes to the quantitative and qualitative transformations of society. The study design was non-experimental, cross-sectional. The sample consisted of 36 subjects and a questionnaire was used. It was concluded that the proper application of formative assessment as a process and result is an interactive responsibility of the teacher and student.

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