Analysis of innovation and economic growth through the development of renewable energies

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John Arturo Buelvas Parra, William Niebles Nuñez, León Arango Buelvas Baxodirovna


Sustainability has caused industries to generate new technologies based on renewable energy; resulting in innovation and development processes within the sector. From this panorama, this article is carried out in order to analyze the scientific production related to renewable or alternative energies as a source of innovation and economic development. At the methodological level, a bibliometric-based documentary study is proposed, which is carried out in the scopus database with a search equation that starts from the variables: "Economic development", "Renewable energies" and "Innovation". The results of the search carried out show a total of 674 documents in the time window of 1994-2023; and observing Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Renewable Energy, Journal of Environmental Management, Sustainability (Switzerland), Energies and Journal of Cleaner Production as main sources. It is concluded that scientific production has grown since 2015, possibly linked to subsequent programs to the sustainable development goals, and with an exponential peak since 2020. This is linked to the new achievements and findings of the energy industry in the field of sustainability.

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