The quality of higher education from the point of view of the contributions made by graduates in their work environment

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Ana K. Mercado Bertel, Santader J. De la Ossa Guerra, Jhon J. Feria Diaz


Objective: The objective of this paper was to analyze higher education quality, considering the contributions made by graduates in their work environment.  The ontological context was determined by the Master's program in Education of the Caribbean University System (SUE Caribe) at the University of Sucre from Sincelejo, Colombia. Method: The study was developed within the framework of the qualitative approach, with a case study design, cross-sectional in two stages: documentary review and field research. A semi-structured interview was applied to an intentional sample of 13 graduates selected through cluster, proportional, and random sampling. Data analysis was executed using ATLAS Ti software version 7.5.4, It takes into account three levels of categories: core, relational, and descriptive. Results: the graduates interviewed are located in the educational sector, It shows good performance in the following competencies: research, educational management, and social projection, and are recognized by the community. Discussion and Conclusions: considering the graduate as the unit of analysis, the program exceeds the qualified registry requirements and meets the high-quality requisites. 

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