Implementación of a health system for the management of ambulatory medical care, in the Medical Department of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo, Riobamba – Ecuador

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Hernán Darío Centeno Aulla, Washintong Gustavo Mancero Orozco, Angel Gerardo Castelo Salazar, María Fernanda Heredia Moyano, Alex Fernando Erazo Luzuriaga


This paper describes the development and integration of a new health  system for the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH), this system presents a client server architecture with theintegration of JSON services. In the development of  the system, several  tools were used, such as: the Angular 6 framework, SQL server 2016 and Type script. The developed system integrates methods that allow the management of electronic medical records,  reservation of medical appointments, patient visits,among others; in the same way the profiles that were defined in the system are: administrator, nurse, pharmacy, secretary and doctor. As a result, a medical system was obtained according to the current needs of the medical department  and patients  of the ESPOCH, in order to measure the effectiveness and degree of satisfaction of the system with the users of the same a null and alternative hypothesis was raised, by means of the statistical method of chi-square, the   data obtained as a result of the evaluation of the system were analyzed using    a degree of freedom equal to 6 and a margin of error of 1%, thus  obtaining a critical value (Vc) equal to 12.59 and from thechi-square distribution matrix of (x^2) a value equal to  1.33 was obtained. With these values obtained, the null hypothesis raised in the study is accepted.

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