Evolution of inventory logistics as support management in the manufacturing industry

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Oscar Eduardo Alarcón Rizo, Elkin Florez Serrano, Raquel Irene Laguado Ramírez


This article shows the advances in inventory logistics that have been developed for several years in the manufacturing industry and the contributions of different companies and/or organizations to their objectives, allowing them to position themselves in the market and compete with their products and/or services, having that added value that makes them different and unique in the implementation of their logistics and inventory management process. The relevance of the different models at the enterprise level, are exposed, as well as the correct application of the planning, distribution and execution of logistics in its production chain, where it also presents the results in the optimization of resources both human and material and economic leading the company to a strong level of quality due to the improvement of its productivity, starting from the importance of inventory management systems as a fundamental axis to achieve success in organizations and thus achieve greater control and monitoring in the inputs and outputs of products that can avoid incurring high financial losses and that harm the same; Therefore, the different types and classification of inventories are detailed according to the needs agreed upon by the organizations to support the fulfillment and development of the objectives outlined on the road to success.

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