Technology and its Role in the Generation of the Value Proposal

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Luis Enrique David Tenorio, Alexis Rojas Ospina, Luz Karina García Contreras


Objective: This investigation aimed to identify how undertakings involve technology in their operation to increase their relationship with their market. Method: a descriptive approach was used and a survey of closed questions was used as an information collection instrument, applied to 200 companies and 367 clients and/or users of the same, for the information processing the statistical software SPSS version 26 was used. Results and arguments: Similarities were found between generations regarding the value offer by each of the companies and their preference, being the customer experience in terms of facilitating operations what generations X, Z, and Millennials value most, differing in aspects regarding price between generation X and Millennials and generation Z. Conclusions: Technology ceased to be distant both for companies and for users, phenomena such as the restrictive measures taken by governments, impulse in the population an approach to technology and allowed companies to identify the above as an opportunity, having to restructure their proposal of value from the generational need differentiated with technological immersion.

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