Business Intelligence as Decision Support in Organizations: A Systematic Review of the Itinerary

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Javier Gamboa-Cruzado, Eduardo Morante-Palomino, Cristina Alzamora Rivero, María Lima Bendezú, Dante Manuel Macazana Fernández


The large amount of data handled by organizations has made the task of analyzing that data and generating information more complex, given this problem we opt for the use of Business Intelligence (BI), since through various techniques valuable information can be generated, which will serve as support in the Toma of Ecisiones.  The main objective of the research focuses on determining the state of the art about Business Intelligence as a support for Decision Making in Organizations.  For the present research, a systematic literature review (RSL) of publications carried out from2017 to 2021 was carried out. 8  sources of  information  were used to obtain the articles, including: Scopus, ARDI, Web of Science, Taylor & Francis  Online, ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library, Google Scholar and ACM Digital Library. Finally, after applying various exclusion criteria, 70 articles were selected for the present work. The results obtained in the research show us various aspects related to the development of articles on Business Intelligence, as well as statistical data found in the development of these.

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