Business Analytics and its Impact on Business Competitive Advantage: A Comprehensive Systematic Review

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Javier Gamboa-Cruzado, Renatto Oyague Guerra, Enrique Condor Tinoco, Guillermo Paucar-Carlos, Juan Gamarra Moreno


With the rapid growth of the importance of business analytics in recent years, academics and experts have been thinking about ways in which they can incorporate the changes these technologies bring to their competitive strategy. The framework builds on previous empirical work on Business Analytics for competitive advantage in companies from 2017 to 2021. The information-gathering strategy identified 177,678 articles from digital libraries such as IEEE Xplore, ARDI, Taylor & Francis Online, ScienceDirect, Microsoft Academic, IOPscience, Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, Scopus and ProQuest, of which 71 articles based on exclusion criteria were considered. Therefore, this article aims to provide a systematic review of the literature that can determine the state of the art about experimental research carried out on Business Analytics (BA) and its effectiveness in the Competitive Advantage of Organizations. To this end, 71 articles of great relevance were identified and reviewed; This allowed us to answer each of the questions planned in the investigation.

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