Implications of the factors of the Creative Leadership Model in the performance of technological base creative teams: A Scope Review

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Mateus Francisco da Silva da Silva



Background: The Creative Leadership Model (MLC) highlights how benign structures are useful for teamsas the processes of overcoming barriers tothe performance of creative teams are formulatedpresents the Team Factors Inventory instrument as aperformance metricand finally sorts teams according to their performance.

Objective: Thefollowing work aims to clarify the implications of thefactors of the Creative Leadership Model in theperformance of creative teams in technology based companies.  Project:  Online  databases     were accessed in order to identify published articles fromoriginal studies that open the understanding of theMLC MLC and fit the items of the research, were excluded from articles that deviate the purpose of the study as the benign structures in health, barriers in construction. The sources of evidence for this work are reported in articles that present experiences, observations made, tests.

Methods: The scoping review method was used which followed the steps of PRISMA-ScR which includes: titles and review questions, inclusion criteria, participants, concepts and context, types and sources of evidence, search strategy, evidence screening and selection, evidence extraction, data analysis, presentation of results and conclusions. The meta analysis served to combine the data from four approaches around the Creative Leadership Model.All data presented at each stage was obtained taking into account the search strategy in databases such as Scopus, WoS, B-on and EThOS. The searches were conducted in English and Portuguese during the month of December 2021.

Results: The results of the studies were presented in an identification flowchart (PRISMA-ScR) a table of studies done on the Model and its factors according to publication, authorship, journal/Institution, title, and type of publication was presented. Results shows that 320 Potentially relevant Articles obtained from the search strategy on various platforms and 28 articles kept for scoping review were found. 

Conclusions: It was concluded that the implications of leadership model factors on the performance of technology-based creative teams are increased production, competitive advantages in new product launches, collective failure if the product is not understood by the customer

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