Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Applied to Civil Engineering Teaching

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Gallardo Amaya Romel Jesus, Gustavo Guerrero Gómez, Nelson Javier Cely Calixto


The pandemic era transformed the reality of everyone in the world and especially the way we interact, education is one of the areas that was most affected by this global calamity, the acquisition of knowledge in a classroom became from a computer at home, so the strategies of teachers to transmit in the best way their teachings had to be restructured. The necessary adaptations for continuous training are made thanks to information and communication technology tools (ICT), primarily through tools such as Google Meet and Skype. As a result of the above and the new lived reality, people around the world have learned to improve Emergency Distance Education (DEE). This study will reveal the main applications and software of ICT in civil engineering and related professional higher education, describe and mention their characteristics and impact on the quality of education.

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