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Ángel Patricio Flores Orozco, Luis Patricio Tierra Pérez, Jhon Eduardo Villacrés Sampedro, Marcelo Eduardo Sánchez Salazar


To develop this article, a documentary review of the elaboration and production of research works related to the study of Information Technologies and their application in Engineering Education was carried out  in order to know through a bibliometric study the main characteristics of 2159 publications registered in Scopus database during the period 2018-2022 at the Latin American level.  The results of  this database were organized in graphs and figures categorizing the  information by variables such as Year of Publication, Country of Origin and Area of Knowledge which allowed to identify through a qualitative analysis, the position of different authors against the proposed theme. 

The main findings found through this research was that Brazil stood out for having the highest scientific production, leading the list with 621 publications.  Likewise, the Area of Knowledge that made the greatest contribution to the construction of bibliographic material related to the study of the variables was engineering with 2159 published documents.

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