Design of sites for radio networks on Colombian cartography through the technological tool Xirio Online, Case study: Caparrapí – Cundinamarca

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Diego Andrés Sarmiento Campos, Aura Cristina Herrera Ardila, Diana Lancheros Cuesta, Fabián Blanco Garrido, Fredys A. Simanca H


At present, with the development of emerging technologies, society is facing the need for network infrastructure to guarantee full broadcasting and coverage; thus requiring the development of tools, strategies and / or techniques such as the sites of base stations of telecommunications operators, also taking into account that with the appearance of 5G the number of antennas will increase because the use of high frequencies has less coverage. The implementation of the necessary infrastructure to achieve the desired deployment of the telecommunications network represents cultural, organizational, ecological and financial challenges, which is why in Colombia the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) established public policy guidelines for the massification of 5G technology seeking to reduce the existing digital divide between urban and rural territories. For this reason, the project supports its methodology in the Xirio Online Software, which using high resolution cartography allows planning, controlling and simulating radio frequencies in rural and urban environments; At the same time, it analyzes the configuration parameters implemented in the simulation of the site and its coverage.  The results obtained will serve as a tool for the installation or adaptation of the Telecommunications infrastructure in the municipality of Caparrapí – Cundinamarca, seeking in it a quality interconnection.


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