Classroom Methodology in Synchronous Learning Spaces in Graduate Programs

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Gallardo Amaya Romel Jesus, Gustavo Guerrero Gómez, Nelson Javier Cely Calixto


Having been declared a pandemic in the year 2020 by the World Health Organization, a state of sanitary emergency was established in Colombia and the government implemented different strategies to mitigate the spread of the virus. In accordance with the above, public and private universities suspended the development of on-site classes. In the case of the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocaña, this suspension took effect on March 15, 2020. In view of this situation, the postgraduate programs continued with the development of remote face-to-face classes supported by ICT tools, for which a methodology structured in three phases was implemented: awareness (prior to the development of the classes), accompaniment (during the development of the classes) and measurement of perception (after the class). It was found that the methodology allowed the adequate development of the entire curricular component of the program while maintaining its quality conditions.

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