The Men and the Sea: Cultural Preservation of Bajau People with their Traditional Practice in Bone Regency

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Fathu Rahman, Herawaty Abbas, Andi Muhammad Akhmar, M. Dalyan Tahir


This research is an ethno-culture research related to aspects of cultural preservation. This study aims to map the shifts in cultural practices of the Bajo people as a result of their cultural acculturation. The Bajo ethnic is an ethnic that adheres to its ancestral cultural heritage which has been passed down from generation to generation wherever they are. The distinctive culture of the Bajo ethnic and the uniqueness of their language validate these two aspects as their identity. The Bajo ethnic wherever they are is known as sea man because life and death all occur at sea. Their life cycle consists of being born, growing up, earning a living, getting married, raising their children at the sea, and in the end they will die and are buried at the sea. At first the Bajo ethnic was an ethnic group that was very closed to outsiders, but along with the era of openness the Bajo began to interact with outsiders. The results of this study indicate that the continuity of the original Bajo culture is now starting to shift due to the acculturation of the culture of the Bajo people with other ethnics wherever they are. However, it is certain that the original culture of the Bajo ethnic is still well preserved

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